I’ve been a sucker for fantasy ever since I first cracked open one of Brain Jacques’ Redwall books. While I still love the creative worldbuilding, intriguing magic systems, and unique points of view offered by the genre’s best examples, I’ll read pretty much anything that seems interestingfantastic or otherwise. (Some of my more niche favorite genres are LGBTQ comics, grimdark heist novels, and quirky nonfiction about math.) My current projects are reading all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and everything ever written by Guy Gavriel Kay. 

When I’m not reading or figuring out what to read next, you’ll probably find me playing D&D or video games, catching up on the latest seasonal anime, and/or drinking objectively too much bubble tea. 

Reading Lists

Annaka's Reading Lists

April 2023 HDL Staff Picks

Spring to new recommendations from your library staff! Want a personalized recommendation? Visit

Worth the Wait!

Put these bestselling ebooks on hold now and get them... eventually.

万歳! New Manga!

Giant mechs? Time-travel revenge?? Post-apocalyptic cannibalism??? Find all this and more in new and new-to-Herrick manga in 2023.

March 2023 Staff Recommendations

Find a new favorite among the best books that your library staff read this month!

Critical Role Books

Celebrate season 2 of the Legend of Vox Machina with these books about a bunch of nerdy voice actors who sit around and play D & D.

This is a Brandon Sanderson Appreciation List

Celebrate the Year of Sanderson by checking out everything in this fantasy titan's backlog. The Cosmere awaits!

New Romance Books for 2023

Amish, YA, and enemies-to-lovers; here are new romances for every flavor.

Memoirs about Royalty to Read while You Wait for Spare

The only thing longer than the reign of the British monarchy is the hold list for their newest book.

HDL Staff Picks 2022: Fiction

What stories captivated your library staff members in 2022? Read on for romance, historical fiction, horror, and more!

HDL Staff Picks 2022: Nonfiction

Memoirs, murder, and one-pot meals--check out the best nonfiction titles your library staff read in 2022.

HDL Staff Picks 2022: Mystery

Sleuth your way into the new year with this collection of the best mysteries and thrillers your library staff read in 2022.

HDL Staff Picks 2022: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Books for lovers of far-off worlds and magical stories! Here are the best sci-fi and fantasy books your library staff read in 2022.

HDL Staff Picks 2022: Graphic Novels, Comics, & Manga

Because books with pictures absolutely count. Check out the top graphic novels, comics, and manga your library staff read in 2022.

Manga for Historical Fiction Lovers

Want to be transported to another time and place? Check out these historical manga series!

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HDL Welcomes Acclaimed Author Adrian Tchaikovsky

Join us in June 17 at 2:00pm for a free virtual event with Adrian Tchaikovsky, the award-winning author of over 30 books.
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