I like books that make me happy (vague, I know). Sometimes that means getting lost in a fantasy world or testing my deductive reasoning in a mystery. It's hard to say exactly what kind of genre I like. But I do know that typically, love triangles and horror are not my jam.

When I'm not reading or listening to a book, you can find me doing some kind of making. I especially enjoy baking and learning new crafting techniques, from digital crafts to woodworking.

Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Chosen One Trope YA

When you're looking for a main character that is the main character of all main characters.

YA Quick Reads

YA books that are around 250 pages or less.

Summer Screams - YA

If you're looking for a scary or horror book to keep you up at night. Try one of these YA books. HerrickDL TeenPicks

YA Books with K-Drama Vibe

If you like watching K-Dramas check out these YA Books! HerrickDL TeenPicks

Fine, Make Me Your Villain - YA

Check out these YA books that are either told from the villains point of view or have especially villainous villains.

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me - YA

Check out these YA books full of anti-heroes.

Might the Book be Better? - YA Books with Screen Adaptations

Check out theses YA books that have adaptations coming out in 2023 or came out in 2022.

Road Trip Reads - YA

Check out these YA books where our main character goes on a road trip.

Cooking Up a Good Book- YA books with a food presence

Check out these YA books that have food being a part of the plot. From magical foods to food blogs to making food. And don't forget eating.

Fantastical Folktale and Fairytale Remix - YA

These YA books are a retelling, twisted, gender bent, from the antagonist point of view, or a fractured version of the original.

March Book Madness - YA Books with a Plot Twist

We told you the book had a plot twist... but can you figure it out?

It Could Have Happened...YA Historical Fiction

Check out these young adult historical fiction books.

Life Comes At You Swiftly - YA

If you love Taylor Swift and you love reading...check out these YA books matched with albums and matched to her newest songs.

YA Books Inspired by a Classic

Check out these YA books that have been inspired by classic literature.

Lyrical Line Titles - YA

YA Books with lyrics as titles.

Gather Round-Winter Reading Challenge Teen 2022

Here are some YA books that might help you with the Winter Reading Challenge Book Bingo!

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Teen Art Gallery: Watercolor

Get creative with watercolor. For this month's Teen Art Gallery, we are doing mini watercolor paintings.
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