I like books that make me happy (vague, I know). Sometimes that means getting lost in a fantasy world or testing my deductive reasoning in a mystery. It's hard to say exactly what kind of genre I like. But I do know that typically, love triangles and horror are not my jam.

When I'm not reading or listening to a book, you can find me doing some kind of making. I especially enjoy baking and learning new crafting techniques, from digital crafts to woodworking.

Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Fine, Make Me Your Villain - YA

Check out these YA books that are either told from the villains point of view or have especially villainous villains.

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me - YA

Check out these YA books full of anti-heroes.

Might the Book be Better? - YA Books with Screen Adaptations

Check out theses YA books that have adaptations coming out in 2023 or came out in 2022.

Road Trip Reads - YA

Check out these YA books where our main character goes on a road trip.

Cooking Up a Good Book- YA books with a food presence

Check out these YA books that have food being a part of the plot. From magical foods to food blogs to making food. And don't forget eating.

Fantastical Folktale and Fairytale Remix - YA

These YA books are a retelling, twisted, gender bent, from the antagonist point of view, or a fractured version of the original.

March Book Madness - YA Books with a Plot Twist

We told you the book had a plot twist... but can you figure it out?

It Could Have Happened...YA Historical Fiction

Check out these young adult historical fiction books.

Life Comes At You Swiftly - YA

If you love Taylor Swift and you love reading...check out these YA books matched with albums and matched to her newest songs.

YA Books Inspired by a Classic

Check out these YA books that have been inspired by classic literature.

Gather Round-Winter Reading Challenge Teen 2022

Here are some YA books that might help you with the Winter Reading Challenge Book Bingo!

YA Winter Wonderlands

Check out these YA books with wintery locales.

The Winter Blues Don't Have to be Bad YA

Check out these feel good YA books... that all happen to have blue covers.

HDL Staff YA Favorites

Check out some our staff's favorite YA books.

Popular YA Books and one of their one-star reviews

These YA books are among some of the most popular, but also have some bad reviews. What do you think 1 star or 5?

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We are starting a teen art gallery! We will be experimenting with lots of different art mediums.
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