I like books that make me happy (vague, I know). Sometimes that means getting lost in a fantasy world or testing my deductive reasoning in a mystery. It's hard to say exactly what kind of genre I like. But I do know that typically, love triangles and horror are not my jam.

When I'm not reading or listening to a book, you can find me doing some kind of making. I especially enjoy baking and learning new crafting techniques, from digital crafts to woodworking.

Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Popular Tween Series

Check out some of our popular series with Tween appeal! HerrickDL

YA Heist Books

Get swept up in these YA heist books. Can you figure out the twist and turns plotted by these protaganists.

Teen Books with mostly white covers

Trying to complete the Winter Reading Challenge Bingo... here's come help.

Teen Winter Reading Challenge- Holidays

If you're looking for a teen book that takes place during a holiday for your winter challenge bingo sheet, here are some suggestions.

One Word Title - Teen edition

Sometimes one word is all you need. If you need some ideas of one word titles for your Winter Reading Challenge, this list may be for you.

Teen Books set in Other Countries

Another list to help you with the Winter Reading Challenge...or if you're just interested in books set outside the US.

YA Books with Snow on the Cover

Need help finding books with snow on the cover for your Winter Reading Challenge... we've got you.

Teen Graphic Novels based on Novels

Need help with the Winter Reading Challenge? Here are some Graphic Novels based on Novels

Chosen One Trope YA

When you're looking for a main character that is the main character of all main characters.

YA Quick Reads

YA books that are around 250 pages or less.

Teen Clean Romance

When you want a sweet clean romance.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

If the President Snow and Hunger Games vibes are what you're seeking.

Tween Mystery

Finding books that feel right for those tween ages can be tricky. Consider some of these mystery books.

Newer Teen Manga

Check out these Teen Manga series we've added to the library over the past year.

YA Books for Fans of Colleen Hoover

Checkout these YA books that vibe with fans of Colleen Hoover.

One of Us Is Lying

of the mystery, plot twists, and intricate characters.

Heather's Blog

Return of the Tiny Canvas

We are bringing back a teen art gallery favorite! This month, we are bringing back the tiny canvas.
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