I like books that make me happy (vague, I know). Sometimes that means getting lost in a fantasy world or testing my deductive reasoning in a mystery. It's hard to say exactly what kind of genre I like. But I do know that typically, love triangles and horror are not my jam.

When I'm not reading or listening to a book, you can find me doing some kind of making. I especially enjoy baking and learning new crafting techniques, from digital crafts to woodworking.

Reading Lists

Reading Lists

YA Chilling Reads

Get your chills and thrills with these YA books.

No Clue November- YA Mysteries

If you like trying to puzzle your way through mysteries and twists and turns in a plot, these YA books might be for you.

Razor-sharp Ravenclaw YA Reading

Get your fill of witty intelligent protagonists and storylines from this YA reading list.

Heartfelt Hufflepuff YA Reads

Get your feel good reads in this list you don't have to be a Hufflepuff to enjoy.

Gallant Gryffindor YA Reads

Get your fill of the daring and courage in this Gryffindor themed reading list.

Sensational Slytherin Reads YA Edition

Are you a cunning ambitious Slytherin? Perhaps these books will interest you?

"Fall" in Love: YA Romance

Check out some YA Romance books this Fall.

YA Books the Sanderson Sisters might read

It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus... or, er, books. Checkout these books the Sanderson witches/sisters would like to read.

Hero's Journey - Grown Edition

A mix of books for the hero's journey in the adult section.

Hero's Journey - Middle School Edition

Books that follow the hero's journey. Great for middle school.

Hero's Journey- Elementary Edition

Some hero's journey for the gambit of elementary students. Some might be great for middle school too.

Hero's Journey - Picture Books

Check out these Hero's Journeys in picture book form.

YA Celebrates Japanese Authors, Characters, and Locations!

Expand your appreciation of Japan with books by Japanese heritage authors, books with Japanese characters, or that take place in Japan.

[Blank] of [Blank] and [Blank] YA Edition

Exploring the YA trend of titles that follow this format.

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Crafting it's fun & good for you. If I'm not reading or baking, then I'd prefer to be crafting. Learn about needle felting resources.
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