A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I have loved fae stories for forever and when Holly Black came out with Tithe, opens a new window in the early 2000s, I was beyond ecstatic and immediately in love. Her newest series The Cruel Prince, opens a new window (which I am equally, if not more, in love with) got me thinking, just how long have fairy stories been around? After some digging, I found out that us humans have been fascinated by the fae since their earliest mentions in the 12th century stories by scholar Gervase of Tilbury, opens a new window. From Irish folklore to Shakespeare, fairies have been apart of our world, spilling into today's stories. Whether they are evil immortal beings who steal children or beautiful creatures who grant wishes, or a strange combination of both, no one can say for sure, but this doesn't change the fact that even today, the fae still have a hold on us.

Love fae books just as much as me? Check out this booklist I created of YA books featuring fae!

YA Lit: Fairies, Fae, and More

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A book list of fairies, fae, and other magical creatures. 

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