Craft of the Month- February

It's February?! Why is it that this month feels the longest but is always the shortest? Perhaps it's the constant grey skies of Michigan winter keeping us down, so therefore, this month, let's put some green back in with our Teen Craft of the Month! For this month's Take and Make, we're making terrariums! Terrariums have always been a popular program at the library and I can see why too. With their cute miniature style and green landscape, it's like we're creating our own tiny worlds. A world to daydream about, a world to escape into, a world to take care of. For our terrariums, there will be no need to water, as we'll be using "fake" moss and plants to decorate. Each kit will also come with some fun figurines to add into your world, if you so choose! And the best part? I found some awesome plastic globes to house your tiny world that you can hang with fishing wire from the perfect space.

Be sure to register here starting February 7th for your Take and Make kit!

Looking for inspiration or how to start your own live terrarium? Check out this book list below!

DIY Terrariums and Plant Worlds

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For the miniature plant enthusiast or if you're just starting out! This list includes both real plants and making your own. HerrickDL TeenPicks AdultPicks

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