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It's November! How did that happen?! I will say though, this time of year is my favorite. The smell of leaves, the cool nights, wrapping up in a blanket and falling asleep on the couch, then almost burning myself with hot apple cider because I fell asleep on the couch... Most Novembers, everyone is writing about all the things they are thankful for but I know that can be really hard mentally sometimes. So this November, instead of giving you a list of books I am thankful for (because let's be honest, the list would be over 100) I am going to focus on that feeling of comfort a book can give you. Whether it's from a happy ending or hope that spreads across its pages or is so satisfying that you turn around and start reading it right from the start all over again. Below, you'll find my favorite comfort reads along with an entire list of more from the Youth Services staff. May you find your comfort this November!

An Enchantment of Ravens

It's got fairies and romance and the way the author builds this world is just pure magic. I loved every minute of this book and got completely lost in it.


This book! The characters are so well done and Dumplin' is such a fantastic main character. The movie adaptation Netflix did wasn't too bad either!

The Magic Fish

The illustrations, the illustrations, the illustrations. This book is beautiful in not only it's illustrations, though, but the entire story on the whole. 

The Sky Blues

Set in a small fictional town in Michigan, it's a fast read but stays with you. I loved every single character and the friendships and romance.

The Tale of Gwyn

There is something about rereading your favorite books from when you were younger. The titles have changed in this quartet but the stories remain the same. A fantasy hero story ala Robin Hood with a kick butt heroine.

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Books that give you a feeling of pure comfort, whether it's from a happy ending or hope that spreads across its pages. TeenPicks HerrickDL

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