Craft of the Month- January

It's craft of the month! This month we're making our own miniature libraries using tin cases (think Altoids without the label on the top). I am really excited about this craft because not only is it easier than it seems but you can get super creative with how you want your miniature library to look! Sign up for your Take and Make kit here. Registration begins on January 3rd. 

Your kit comes with paper books, wood for the shelves, glue, and some extra fun miniatures to add as ambiance. To give your library your own special flair, you may want to decorate the inside first, before gluing in your shelves. For mine, I took some paper and traced the outside of the tin. From there, I cut the paper down so it fit on the inside of the cover. At first I really wanted to draw a window with a spring outside scene but then opted to create a door with picture frames surrounding it and some old looking wallpaper. I highly recommend drawing a scene for your library as it will make it super unique!

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