Creative Bug- Crafting Made Easier

I love trying new art projects. I love trying out new trends, looking at TikTok and YouTube videos, and telling myself "I could make that!" But dear reader, I have a confession to make. I, in fact, "cannot make that." I do this thing where I see something new and shiny and go all in (and yes, I admit, a bit over my head sometimes) and then am disappointed when my project doesn't come out exactly as I hoped. So, I stuff it into a random drawer at my house, only to be disappointed all over again when I open that drawer and see it staring back at me, forlorn and wondering why I left it there in the dark drawer....But have no fear, dear reader! This sad little story has a happy ending. This is where my new best friend (and soon to be yours), Creative Bug, comes in to save the day!

If you haven't tried Creative Bug yet, and you love to create or just want a place to get started, you need to check this site out! Creative Bug comes with your Herrick District Library Card. All you need to do is make an account to watch over 1000 how-to-video classes with experts who teach everything from sewing, to jewelry, to design, and more!

What I love most about Creative Bug is their instructional videos come with everything you need; written instructions, supply lists, helpful hints, and more. Plus, you can search for classes at your level to help you become more comfortable in creating. And bonus, if you have to pause or come back, Creative Bug saves your spot and the video to your homepage so when you log in the next time, it's there waiting for you!

Just think, soon you won't have sad projects crying out to you from random drawers but instead, finished pieces of art you can proudly display or give to unsuspecting friends who will admire it from afar. Happy crafting! - Amanda

Not sure where to get started? Check out a few of my favorite classes:
(Please note, you will need to be signed in to your Creative Bug account to access these links.)

Punch Needle Embroidery Workshop taught by Arounna Khounnoraj

Botanical Watercolor Illustration taught by Jess Park

Basic Line Drawing taught by Lisa Congdon