Creative Bug, Needle Work, and You

If you haven't read my blog post on how much I love Create Bug, go check it out! In this blog post, I'm talking about all things needle work. Recently, I've gotten into cross stitch and have tried my hand at embroidery (still working on that one so get back to me about it later, ha!) and thought, "Hmm...maybe Creative Bug has some fun projects to try!" Or at least, maybe Creative Bug can help me when it comes to embroidery. Please don't talk to me about French knots. Below are some videos I found exploring needle work on Creative Bug

Please note that you will need to log into Creative Bug with your library card in order to access the video links below.

Stitched Cards  

Cross Stitch Pendant 

Cross Stitched Wall Art

Marbled Embroidery

Embroidered Constellations

Thread Painting: Embroider with Pressed Flowers

Botanical Leaf Embroidery

Punch Needle Coasters

Embroidery Transfer Techniques

Happy Little (embroidered) Clouds with Lark Rising