Donate Seeds, Win Free Stuff!

Seed saving season is upon us! This year, anyone who donates seeds will be entered to win a brand new set of grow lights that you can use to grow plants (or start seeds) indoors!

How to Donate:

  • You must fill out a donation envelope (form available online or next to the donation box on top of the seed library at both locations).
  • It's very important that you fill out the donation form as completely and with as much detail as you can, even if you are donating seed packets. We need to know when you grew them/saved them, if they might be cross-pollinated, etc.
  • We can only accept heirloom/organic, non-trademarked seeds.
  • Put your seeds in the completed envelope, then drop your envelope into the donation box, located on top of the seed library catalog, at either library location.

Things to Know:

  • If you donated seeds any time after April 2022 you will still be entered to win!
  • The last date to donate if you want to be entered in the drawing is November 30, 2022. But you can still donate seeds any time!
  • We'll contact you using the information you give us on the donation form by the first week of December. You will need to come to the library to pick up your grow lights. 

If you need information on how to save seeds, we have lots of resources, including blog posts and helpful web articles, on our seed library page!