Easy Image-Transfer Votives

I think it's fun to get crafty when the weather cools down or you need something new for the kids to do. This is a great project you can do with your whole family, and everyone can make their own unique candleholder.

Spooky Transfer Votives is a class I found on Creativebug, the crafting instructional site you can access with your library card. The instructor gives a great guide and some helpful tips to make a great looking votive.
The link above will take you directly to the project. If you'd like to explore Creativebug further, you can access all their content by logging on with your library card at the following link.


Materials Required:

  1. Laser-printed images (we can help you do this at the library!)
  2. Votive candleholders (best with straight sides)
  3. Packing tape
  4. Craft tongue depressor, back of a spoon, or fingernail
  5. Plastic tub

The instructor in the video referenced the book Playing With Image Transfers, which is available at the library.