Moby Reprise

Growing up in the 90s, I had access to many genres of music. Early on, I drifted toward what my older sister was listening to; Mariah Carey, Amy Grant, En Vogue, even some boy bands. When I developed my own musical tastes I gravitated to alternative rock like R.E.M., Bush, and Pearl Jam. Then late…
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Easy Image-Transfer Votives

I think it's fun to get crafty when the weather cools down or you need something new for the kids to do. This is a great project you can do with your whole family, and everyone can make their own unique candleholder. Spooky Transfer Votives is a class I found on Creativebug, the crafting instructional…
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So Real You Can Feel It

There's a scene in American Psycho where the protagonist and his cohorts marvel at the texture, color, feeling, essence, and the overall composition of, wait for it, a business card. I love this scene in the movie. To appreciate something so completely, to some, might be the key to understanding the appreciation of life itself…
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