Springtime at the Masters

If you are a golf lover, your Spring begins with the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. The first full week of April might still be chilly in the mitten, but in Georgia, along with the azaleas, Spring is in full bloom.

"I've never been to heaven, and thinking back on my life, I probably won't get a chance to go. I guess winning the Masters is as close as I'm going to get."
-Fuzzy Zoeller,1979 Masters winner

The Masters Tournament has a fantastic history dating back to 1934. Jack Nicklaus has won the most with six wins, followed by Tiger Woods with five. The award for winning the Masters is a green jacket, the ultimate symbol of success in golf. Dive into more of the rich history and legend of the Masters and some of the golfers that won there with the audiobooks below. These are great in the car, on a walk, or at the driving range.

The Masters

The Making of the Masters

The Secret of Golf

Tiger Woods

A Life Well Played