Experience the Michigan Activity Pass

One thing we love to do at the library is tell you what we can offer. Next time you visit, ask three different employees what's new, and I bet you'll get three different answers.

A fantastic resource, not mentioned enough, is the Michigan Activity Pass. It is a statewide program that offers free or reduced-price access to activities around the state. I'm talking museums, parks, music experiences, farms, gardens, and more.

Head to miactivitypass.org and click GET PASS to get started.

Some things to keep in mind before getting your pass:
1. You may check out one MAP pass per library card every seven days.
2. When you check out a MAP pass, you have seven days from the date it was reserved to use it.
3. Before your visit, please call ahead or check the destination's website to verify hours of operation, etc.

The Air Zoo in Kalamazoo is one of those places where you can get reduced-price tickets. If you've never been, prepare for your excitement to take off! There are aircraft of all kinds, history to explore, and amusement rides for the kids. There is space and science and lots of hands-on activities.

If you have questions about the Michigan Activity Pass or any resource at Herrick District Library, please call or visit us at either location.