Great Picture Books to Read Outside

One of my favorite things about warmer weather is being able to read outside. Seriously--what's better than a blanket, a snack, a book, and some sunshine? If you have little ones, you might feel like this is a fantasy. How can you focus on your book while a small person is begging you to push them on the swing? Or while you're trying to make sure they don't actually fall into that fountain? It's true, focusing on War and Peace might be tough while you're on childcare duty, but you can still make it fun (and share an interest with your kids) by doing a storytime with them outside.

You may be of the opinion (like I am) that any book is a great book to read outside, but if you're looking for specific recommendations check out these titles particularly celebrating nature.

Picture Books to Read Outside

Grab your blanket and your small human, and share the joy of reading outside! These titles are perfect, as they're all about nature. HerrickDL KidPicks

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