Ode to My Stay-at-Home-Dad Husband

This year for Father’s Day, I want to write an ode to all the fantastic dads out there—especially mine. My husband is that rare gem of a man—the kind who happily stays home with our son. He is the keeper of the crafts, the organizer of the schedule, the kisser of skinned knees, and the settler of tantrums. This is usually a job whose mantle is taken up by the women in our lives—I know it was for me. So in some ways the role is harder on him than it was for my stay-at-home-mom. From the little things like attending classes called “Mommy and Me” and being the only grown man in the room, to medium things like getting funny looks at the playground for being a man sitting on a bench, to more serious things like not being asked postpartum depression screening questions (despite the fact that many of the symptoms are brought on by the isolation of childrearing rather than the physical act of giving birth)—being a stay-at-home-parent is harder for him. And yet he, and so many other men in his position, do it with grace, compassion, and without expecting much recognition for what they do.

Father’s Day cards are often filled with “funny” statements like, “thanks for changing the oil in my car that one time” and “today we won’t even complain about the fact that you’re just going to watch football all day.” In contrast to Mother’s Day cards that are full of effusive love for “giving me life,” “sacrificing so much of yourself,” and “being the wind beneath my wings.” Hopefully we all have mothers and mother figures about whom we feel this way, but for Father’s Day this year let’s think about some of the ways in which our fathers and father figures have gone above and beyond for us, as well. Dads need to hear it too.

For a fun activity this year, check out some of these picture books featuring stay-at-home-dads, or almost stay-at-home-dads. And then tell your dad thank you.

Books Featuring Stay-at-Home Dads

Stay-at-home dads are domestic heroes! Read some of these fun picture books today, and don't forget to say thank you to your dad! HerrickDL KidPicks

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