National Poetry Month

It's poetry month

Rhyme, meter, imagery, foot

Let's revel in verse

Are you a poetry lover? Do you know a poetry lover? Whether you're a fan of the medium, an occasional reader, or a reluctant poet, National Poetry Month is a great time to try something new. And if you have a young child in your life, why not explore some poetry together?  And you may be surprised at all the places you'll find poetry once you start looking! Did you know that every volume of The Cat Kid Comic Club contains a haiku photo-comic? Did you know lots of the poetry books in the children's department are really funny? And have you checked out some of our picture books which were inspired by famous poems? 

So check out this list

Full of beautiful, funny

Poetry for kids


Poetry for Young Children

April is National Poetry Month! Teach some of the little ones in your life about this creative medium through some of these fun books! HerrickDL KidPicks

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