Introducing Hoopla Flex

Exciting news! We've added even more to Hoopla. In addition to your regular 15 Instant checkouts a month, you can now have up to 3 Flex checkouts at a time as well. Wait, Instant, Flex, what does it all mean? Instant borrows are the regular Hoopla titles that you are used to. Always instantly available, these titles can be checked out at any time, provided you haven't used all 15 checkouts for the month. You will know a title is an Instant checkout by the little lightning bolt symbol above it. If you see a Refresh symbol, two arrows going in a circle, this indicates a Flex title (see below). Flex titles work similarly to physical library items; the library only owns one or two copies of the item and if someone else has it checked out, you will have to place a hold and wait for it to be ready. For those that have used Libby, it works the same way. When you see the Refresh symbol, there are three things it may say next to that symbol, Available, Wait List, and Not in Catalog. Available means that the item is ready to be checked out right now. Wait List means you will have to place the item on hold and wait for it to become available. Not in Catalog means that the library does not currently own that item, but you can ask us to purchase it for you. You may request one title a month for purchase.

Hoopla also now offers four different Binge Passes. A Binge Pass allows you access to an entire collection for just one of your monthly checkouts. So, if you check out the Magazine Binge Pass, you have 7 days of unlimited access to the more than 75 different magazine titles available in Hoopla, including Food Network, Inc, and Time for Kids, to name a few. There are also Binge Passes for The Great Courses, Curiosity Stream, and Hellosaurus.

Make sure you check out all of the ebooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, and music Hoopla has to offer. If you still have questions, let us know and we'll see that they are answered.