Learn a New Game: Nature Fluxx

Fluxx is one of my all-time favorite card games. I often play games with my brother and he is a hardcore strategist. I am not. I don’t always enjoy playing against someone who is trying to plot the whole game out before making a move. Enter Fluxx. The joy of Fluxx is that the rules and goals can change every turn and that makes it difficult to strategize. Let me introduce you to this game.

The starting rules for Fluxx are, on your turn, you draw one card and you play one card. The deck consists of four basic types of cards: New Rules, Actions, Goals, and Keepers. New Rules allow you to modify the draw one/play one rule. Goals are what is required to win the game, and Keepers are what you collect to meet those Goals. Actions allow you to do something, whether it is draw more cards, steal other players’ cards, or reset the rules.

Sounds simple, right? And really, it is as long as you are paying attention, because the rules and/or goals can change at any moment. You may get both Keepers you need to meet a Goal, but someone changes the Goal before you can lay it. Now you do not win and instead you keep playing and changing the Goal until someone manages it. That’s Fluxx.

There are many themed versions of Fluxx available, but Nature Fluxx is fun because it can also be a learning tool for children. One of the Goals is to have Seeds and Trees, because seeds can turn into trees. Fluxx takes no time to learn and is fun for the whole family. Stop by one of the Family Game Days here at the library to try it out.