Learn a New Game: Wingspan

Wingspan is a relatively new game to me, but learning to play it was a blast. We made some mistakes, but it was all part of the fun. Once again, I recommend starting with a little mood music and then prepare to dive into the directions.

Wingspan is 'a competitive bird-collection, engine building game for 1-5 players' and the game recommends that those players be 14 year or older, though I think you could go a little younger if they were really interested. In essence, each player is trying to reach both the common goals and private goals by playing birds into their personal player mats. In order to play birds and reach goals, you need to acquire food and lay eggs. On your turn, you may choose any one row of your player mat to activate and then perform the actions indicated. It sounds very complicated, and it does take a couple of rounds to really get the hang of, but Wingspan is the first game I've learned that has a beginner round all planned for the players. Wingspan comes with the first four turns of a four player game all plotted out for you to give you a feel of the steps and balance of the game. I and my fellow learners found it very helpful.

Wingspan does take some time to play, especially the first time, but I very much enjoyed myself. And with the variety of goals and random cards and dice, it is very re-playable. You can learn a bit about birds, what they eat, and where they live while playing. You can even grab this book to learn more about the birds featured in this game.

Celebrating Birds