Lunar Love

Is there a better friend of the earth than our dear moon? Humans around the world have concocted mythological creatures relating to the moon in folklore: werewolves from Ancient Greece, selkies from Scotland and Ireland, the moon rabbit from China, and the moon hare from Japan. There is an exhaustive Wikipedia page devoted to a list of lunar deities. The moon pulls on our ocean tides and our heartstrings. Humans adore the moon.

Celebrate the moon on January 17, and hear from Mike Cortright, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, as he reviews the history of the Apollo program and explains the plans and details of the NASA Artemis program. This is a new space program that will return us to the surface of the moon and beyond. Register here!

Until then, check out these great moon items from your library.

The Book of the Moon

In the Shadow of the Moon

Calling for the Moon

Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures