My Favorite Robots

Robots have been around for quite a while at this point and have become quite normalized in our stories. Here are some of my favorites from media and literature so far.

Murderbot – The Murderbot Diaries

All Systems Red

Muderbot is an android that broke through its restrictive protective programming for one purpose: to be able to use its downtime to watch TV. Humans constantly interrupt Murderbot’s TV time because humans seem programmed to do whatever is most dangerous, so they have to keep saving the silly humans. If you’ve spent any time in charge of children, you know how this feels. All the love to Murderbot.

Iron Giant – Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

This childhood classic is still a favorite even though I still don’t understand how Vin Diesel making random rusty noises made me cry like every time. A giant alien robot crash lands and a young boy befriends him before the American government comes to claim or destroy him. I highly recommend sitting down with your kids to watch immediately.

Johnny 5 – Short Circuit

Short Circuit

Here’s another 80s nostalgia trip for you: Johnny 5 is alive! Oh, how I rooted for this feisty little robot that achieved free will through a lightning bolt. Watching him explore life and evade the American government is just fun.

Mosscap – Monk & Robot

A Psalm for the Wild-built

This is a new robot on my list as only the first book in the series is out, though the second comes out shortly. Mosscap is a robot on a world where after the robots gained sentience, the humans agreed to let them leave and exist on their own without human interference. After hundreds of years, the robots are now curious if the humans need any help from them.

Kryten – Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf

More 80s, this time British TV. Set in the far distant future, Lister wakens from stasis to find he is the only human remaining aboard. His only companions are a hologram of his former bunkmate and a humanoid cat that evolved from his pet. Kryten the android, whose sole purpose is to serve humans, joins the Red Dwarf crew in season two, further adding to the hijinks.

K-2SO – Star Wars

Rogue One

No list of robots is complete without at least one from the Star Wars universe. While I do love R2-D2 and BB8, and to an extent C3PO, Kaytoo is top of my list. His sharp wit, his slightly depressed attitude, and the fact that Alan Tudyk provided his voice talents come together to make him my top Star Wars robot.

What are your favorite robots?