National Beach Day

Imagine this; you are sitting on a beautiful beach. The wind is gently blowing, the waves are crashing, and the temperature is perfect. Now, what is in your hand? No, not the one with the cold and refreshing beverage, the other one? Yes, there you have your engaging yet light-hearted beach read. Ahh, tranquility. But wait! What's that in the sand? A fast-food straw and a broken sand shovel!

National Beach Day is at the end of August and encourages clean up of beaches worldwide. You may not notice more than seagulls when visiting a beach in Michigan, but our lakeshores are home to incredible animals. We might not see the Canada lynx or moose here in Holland, but birds like loons, harriers, and even eagles as well as those swimming in the water, like walleye and whitefish rely on clean environments.

So next time you go to the beach, bring an extra bag and tidy up around you. It makes it more pleasant for your visit and for those who are looking to enjoy the sun in that spot the next day.

If you are planning that trip to the beach, but can't find a good book, check out the many "beach read" lists in our catalog or visit us at the Information Desk to find something that fits your style.