National Blueberry Month

One of my favorite things about living in the part of the world that I do is the presence of blueberries. Fields and fields covered with blueberry bushes make me so happy. Not only are blueberries delicious and nutritious, but they're easy and fun to pick! Blueberry picking makes an easy and fun activity for the whole family, and the 10-pound boxes provide my family several days of fantastic eating--until we have to go out and pick more of them!

July is the month we celebrate all things blueberries--picking them, eating them, thinking about them, and reading about them! And while you could pour over the Wikipedia entry for blueberries (and we wouldn't blame you), it's nice to break it up with a some fun picture books on occasion. Check out some these fun choices while you wait for the blueberries to ripen, or in between servings this summer.

Picture Books About Blueberries

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Celebrate National Blueberry Month (and the reappearance of blueberries in a field near you) with these fun and tasty picture books

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