Nifty Things in our Collection

You may have noticed we’ve got a lot of non-book items in our collection—we’ve been trying to spread the word about the Library of Things, Seed Library, and Groundworks these days.

But did you know that even within our print collection there’s still lots of cool stuff that you might not think about as being strictly “books?” There may be corners of the library you still haven’t explored, and I’m here to be your tour guide!

1. Sheet Music

If you play an instrument and are looking for some casual new pieces to play with no commitment, try browsing the sheet music collection online or asking a staff member to walk you to the section while you’re visiting. I tend to use this section the most around the holidays for Christmas music.

Disney Giant Movie Hits

Coffeehouse Songs for Guitar

65 Famous Pieces of Classical Music for Solo Piano

2. Sunday Comics Collections

Did you love the Sunday comics in your newspaper growing up, but don’t buy the newspaper anymore? You’re in luck! We have many collections of classic strips available in our graphic novel section.

Wall-to-wall Baby Blues

The Complete Peanuts, 1985 to 1986

Beetle Bailey

3. Craft Patterns!

A lot of our craft books include patterns to help you try new things without committing financially. Just be careful not to write in the books or damage the patterns for the next person to use.

Skirt-a-day Sewing

Crochet for Play

Great Stained Glass Projects for Beginners

4. Family Histories

Are you from the area and interested in learning in more about your family’s history? Check to see if your family has submitted a family history to our collection.

Located in our Genealogy and Local History section, these titles are for in-library use only.

Poppen Trails

The Van De Vrede Sisters

5. Local Author Collection

One of the great things about your local library is how it can feature creators from your area. Herrick District Library’s Local Author collection is located near the Reference and Genealogy and Local History sections. You can ask a staff member to show you where.

Herrick District Library Short Story Writing Contest

101 Tools to Build A Good Life

The Asparagus Theory