Pet Love

There are few things of which people will instantly speak passionately. One of those topics is pets.

Humans love their pets! I hear it at home when my daughter describes the kitten's latest adventures and how much they love her. I overhear it at the library between co-workers. They recount their tricks and mannerisms. Or maybe they show a video of their dog unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Pets fill our lives with joy and companionship.

So I encourage you to plop on the couch, grab a fuzzy blanket (my cats love fuzzy blankets), and check out these great pet-related movies and documentaries available for free with your library card on Kanopy.

Pickle: The Short but Joyful Lives of Pets

Cat and Dog Tales

The Principles of Dog Training

The Amazing Adventure of Marchello the Cat

PS - tell your animals I said hi.