Print Books or eBooks

Deciding whether to read print books or digital books is kind of like watching America choose between political candidates. A few folks have strong commitments to one side or the other. Most of us are in the middle, willing to select either choice depending on the circumstances. It's clear by now that neither "candidate" is going anywhere anytime soon. And that's just fine for the majority of us that enjoy what both print books and digital books have to offer. Here are our best tips for all you independents on when to choose which format.

Print books are best for:

  • Unplugging and untethering - taking a technology break or reading on a beach
  • Resting screen-weary eyes
  • The feeling of turning pages - it's just not the same on a digital device
  • Budget buyers looking for older titles - as people Marie Kondo their homes, used books have never been more affordable at thrift stores and used book shops

Digital books are best for:

  • More environmentally conscious, using less trees and a smaller carbon footprint 
  • Traveling - they take up less room
  • Several ereading tablets offer eye-friendly technology that makes night time reading easier
  • Budget buyers looking for newer titles, digital books are cheaper than print books online