Seed Donations 2022

Only Featured Seeds are Left

All the donations for this year have been taken—thank you for using your seed library! We will still roll out featured seeds Trilogy Bush Bean Mix and Rainbow Chard in May and June respectively. As you plan your gardens, please consider saving some seeds and donating them back to the community for next season. Happy gardening!

Here's where you can find any extra growing information we received for this year's donations. This year, some donations were left over from previous years and do not have as much information related to them. If you're still curious about a particular seed, a "how to grow" Google search for the plant can be helpful, or you can look through our gardening books. A starter list of books is below the donations chart.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that any of these seeds will be in the catalog during your visit to either Herrick library location. It is merely a list of what could be available at any given time, having been in our donation stock this year. Seeds are first-come, first served. This list is meant as a reference for those who borrowed a seed during their visit and would like to read the full growing notes.

2022 Seed Library Donations

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Seed Type

Original Seed Source

Harvest Date

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Growing Instructions


Black-Eyed Susan Flower no info no info no info no info no info
Cleome (pink and white) Flower no info no info Holland, MI no info no info
Hollyhock Flower no info no info no info no info no info
Ironweed Flower HDL Seed Library no info Holland, MI no info no info
Lily, Blackberry Flower no info no info no info no info no info
Marigold (orange) Flower Seed packet originally—this is 3rd year of saving my own seeds Summer-Fall 2021 Holland, MI Sow seeds in late spring. Plant 1/2 deep approx. 2 in apart in full to part sun. Blooms summer through fall. Height 7-10 inches. I like planting marigolds around my garden beds to deter the neighborhood rabbits from munching on my beans and greens. I started with a packet of sees from the store and because they're so easy to grow I've never had to buy another pack!
Milkweed Flower no info 16-Oct Holland, MI plant in spring; full sun The Fluff is very soft. Aside from scraping the seed off the closed pod, you can get a handfull of the fluff and roll it into a ball. Rolling it around helps the seeds fall out.
Morning Glory (blue) Flower no info no info no info no info no info
Morning Glory (purple) Flower no info no info Holland, MI no info no info
Rose Campion Flower HDL Seed Library Aug-20 Holland, MI Blooms 2nd or 3rd year after sown, and well worth the wait. Full to partial sun, 1/8 inch deep. Deadhead if you don't wish for new crop in addition to current crop. Does not look like a rose and has no thorns. Each pod has a gazillion seeds the size of poppy seeds! Beware! Very pretty magenta blooms on silvery-sage green stalks. Rosettes of leaves on ground in year 1, blooms on 18-inch stalks thereafter (years 2+). Old-fashioned favorite. Perfect for English gardens. 
Trumpet Vine Flower no info 2020 Holland, MI Trumpet vine pods are full of seeds/ fall harvest/ orange flowers summer. Hummingbirds love orange flower/vine. My grandmother had a trumpet vine at our family cottage on Lakeshore Douglas, MI I thought was beautiful. This vine can be trained to make an arbor. The parsonage was built in 1908 so I filled our yard with old fashioned flowers. The trumpet vine is prolific! Some say it is invasive--weed if necessary. 
Wisteria Flower no info no info Holland, MI no info from Harrington Family House (historic Holland house of Henry Harrington)
Dill Herb Evergreen Commons Community Garden no info Holland, MI no info no info
Dill, Bouquet Herb Box Garden Seeds Jul-21 Holland, MI Plant in full sun after danger of frost, away from carrots (not friends!!) Grows to 2 ft tall no info
Redbud Tree no info fall 2020 Holland, MI no info

My tree had a lot of seeds this year. I grow trees from the seeds between my garage. When mature the Red Bud has flowers before the leaves.

[Our yard] has won two awards. Our yard is full of flowers with a rapsody [sic] of colors dropping all spring and summer. The Red Bud tree is in the front yard and blooms in spring. 

Bean, Blue Lake 274 (Bush) Vegetable HDL Seed Library 10/18/21 Holland, MI direct seed May-June. Plant 1" deep, full sun. no info
Bean, Dragon Tongue (Bush) Vegetable HDL Seed Library 10/18/21 Holland, MI direct seed, 1" deep, full sun no info
Bean, Kentucky Wonder or Kentucky Blue (Pole) Vegetable seed packet originally Oct 2021 Holland, MI Plant 1" deep, thin to 6", plant in full sun along a fence or trellis no info
Bean, Stupice (Bush) Vegetable Box Garden Seeds Summer 2021 Holland, MI Direct sow when soil is 65-75. Plant 1" deep and 2" apart in rows 18" apart. Harvest when pods are still slender without knobby bean bumps. Plant every 2 wks for beans all summer. I had never grown bush beans before because I imagined ending up with a meager handful of green beans, as happens with many crops I grow. To my surprise, a dozen or so plants produced multiple pounds of green beans over the course of late summer! I nicknamed them "Magic Beans," since it seemed like a new crop of beans appeared every time I turned my back.
Eggplant, Unknown Vegetable no info no info Holland, MI no info no info
Pea, Amish Snap Vegetable HDL Seed Library 10/18/21 Holland, MI Direct seed Mid March, 1/2" deep, part sun. Needs trellising.  no info
Pepper, Ajvarski (Sweet) Vegetable Baker Creek Sep-21 Holland, MI Start seeds 8 weeks prior to planting outdoors. Set plants 12"-18" apart. Fruit ready to pick when red. a roasting pepper
Pepper, Ajvarski (Sweet) Vegetable Baker Creek, saved since 2008 2020 Holland, MI  Needs long advance start indoors. Started plants on 2/10/20. roasting pepper type. Low yield but is a tasty pepper when roasted.
Pepper, Jimmy Nardello Vegetable Baker Creek, saving from plants since 2018 2020 Holland, MI Start indoors early; I started my plants on 2/19/20. Frying pepper type but alo dries easily, according to Baker Creek catalog. 
Pepper, Padron (Hot) Vegetable David's Seeds Sep-21 Holland, MI Start seeds 8 weeks prior to planting outdoors. Set plants 12"-18" apart. Pick when fruit is 1.5"-2" long; peppers get hotter as fruit size increases.  
Rhubarb Vegetable My grandpa's garden Fall 2021 Holland, MI Can be started in containers or directly seeded into garden. Plant when soil is at least 50 degrees (late spring). Plant 3 in. apart 1/2" deep, in part to full sun. Keep moist. Can harvest after 2nd year. My grandparents grew a variety of fruits and vegetables in their garden and always enjoyed sharing their bounty. I always loved sharing rhubarb crisp with Grandma as we played an afternoon card game. When they had to move to assisted living facilities I was blessed to receive a few of Grandpa's rhubarb plants—now they thrive and re-seed themselves in my yard.
Tomato, Black Cherry Vegetable HDL Seed Library 2020 Holland, MI Start from seed 6-8 weeks before last frost; put plants out after danger of frost is over. Spacing 18"-24". Stake—one of my plants was over 7' tall!  Very prolific. Dried nicely in my dehydrator. 
Tomato, Black Krim Vegetable HDL Seed Library Sep-20 Holland, MI no info Grew in backyard garden
Tomato, Stupice Vegetable Tomato Growers supply company 2020 Holland, MI Start 6-8 weeks before frost; set out after frost danger is over. Stake or cage--it gets tall. Spacing 18"-24" From seed packet: "extremely early cold tolerant tomato." 1-202 fruit. Does well for me in hot weather too--had no trouble in hot days of summer 2020. 

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