Short on time, but curious about the world? Here are the audiobooks for you!

If you enjoy learning new things but don't have a lot of time, you might enjoy the Very Short Introductions series. In fact, you may have already seen numerous copies of the books around the library with their neutral, calming colors and widely varying titles like Ancient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction, Lakes: A Very Short Introduction, and (my personal favorite) The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction.

Recently, over 100 of these titles became available as digital audiobooks through Hoopla. At 3-4 hours long apiece, they're perfect for a short road trip or an afternoon doing housework. If you're curious about a wide range of subjects, or if you're just someone who likes to know the basics (but not all the details), the Very Short Introductions series is a wonderful place to kickstart your curiosity.

Fold some laundry, dust the shelves, get set up for a road trip—any low-key afternoon activity is perfect for listening and learning about your subject of choice!

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The U.S. Constitution


The Roman Republic


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