Space News and Space Views

Headline numbers for space and space-related topics currently are out of this world (apologies for the pun)! If you haven't kept up, you have the Pentagon reporting on following over 650 UFO sightings with no credible evidence...yet. In 2025, NASA is planning a return to the moon in their space program titled Artemis, and they recently revealed the suits astronauts will be wearing. Artemis will feature the SpaceX Starship, a new rocket now being tested and perfected. Then you have the James Webb Telescope. Launched in December 2021, it is the largest optical telescope in space. Revealing things we've never seen before, it is hard to wrap your head around the true abilities of this telescope, but no worries, Herrick and the Shoreline Amateur Astronomical Association have you covered.

Come to the James Webb Space Telescope Update to learn about the new and exciting discoveries being made.

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