Spring Break Prep

Spring can mean so many things. It is a time for new growth, a fresh start, tulips, and spring cleaning. Or if you are in school or a parent/guardian of a school child, maybe it's time for Spring Break! or just a break from Michigan winter weather.


Beaches and drinks with umbrellas are appealing, but when I'm planning an escape, I like to pepper in some education and a little history. Activate your travel bug with a Passport to Europe. Remember when they showed travel on the Travel Channel? You'll find Samantha Brown really knew how to eat, drink, and dance with the locals across Europe. Now that you're ready to make a journey, pick your location and visit our travel books section. We are ready at the Information Desk to show you to the new travel books to help plan your trip.

You have your location, check! You have your travel plan, check! Now it's time to shrink down your packing list. Instead of those three huge bags and the slightly too large carry-on. Get some great tips from The Packing Book. In addition, you could watch the very entertaining, very embarrassing scene in Up in the Air, to learn how to lighten your luggage load.

Not feeling an excursion at this time? Often, all you need is a good book or movie and some time to enjoy them. Travel to your local library where you can find those items along with events planned all month long.

Bon voyage!