Summertime Classic Movies

The movies I've listed below, for me, are the staples. My summer nights growing up were built on these classics. As a kid, I wasn't sure why Terence Mann was so upset with Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams or why the time machine in Back to the Future needed 1.21 gigawatts. I only knew I was being taken for an epic ride with all the summer vibes. You can feel it the first time Ferris Bueller breaks the fourth wall or after the first prank is pulled at Miss Inch's Summer Camp for Girls in The Parent Trap (1961).

These movies aren't new, and many contain quirks that might seem off to kids today. Sure, some of these titles have remakes for more modern audiences, but if you give them a chance, their stories won't disappoint.

Field of Dreams

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Back to the Future

The Sandlot

The Parent Trap

What About Bob?


A League of Their Own


The Music Man