Teen Art Gallery: Mini Sculptures

Put your sculpting skills to the test, for this month's Teen Art Gallery. We are doing mini sculptures. Anyone teen 11-18 is welcome to participate, whether experienced or inexperienced.

We will be using air-dry clay to create these sculptures. The clay itself comes in white. It can be left that way, or color can be worked into the clay while it is still malleable. Another alternative is to add color to the sculpture after it finishes drying.

If you create your sculpture at the library, we will also have sculpting tools that you can use for fine details, though it is possible to make your sculpture using nothing more than your hands.

So, we welcome you to come and try your hand at sculpting this month. Supplies will be available from January 2nd through the 16th. If you'd rather do your sculpting at home, don't forget to first stop by the youth services desk to pick up your clay and entry form.
We can't wait to see what you create!