Teen Art Gallery: Sand Drawing

For this month's Teen Art Gallery, I chose a format for nostalgic reasons. When I was a kid, we used to be able to get these scenes that looked like a color by number. But, instead of pulling out a corresponding paint color, you would peel off the sticker and pour sand on the now sticky surface. After gently tapping the excess sand off the picture, you'd peel another sticker and pour on more sand, repeating this weirdly addictive process until you were left with a completed, slightly rough, picture.

Now, I did this when I was YOUNG. To make a more grown-up version of this...there will be no stickers. Teens will get a "canvas," sand, directions, and a glue pen. The glue pen is really cool and looks like a ballpoint pen, but instead of ink coming out of it, glue does. Using the glue pen also means you can make your sand drawing whatever you want because it's not a set design.

Whether you choose to make the design at the library or home, we will have all the supplies you need. Stop by the Youth Services desk on the 2nd floor and ask for the Teen Art Gallery supplies.

The Teen Art Gallery at the main branch is strictly for our 11-18-year-old middle and high school patrons. However, if you aren't quite at that age, we do offer a Tween Art Gallery at the North Branch you can check out.

We can't wait to see what designs you come up with. Supplies will be available February 1st-15th, while supplies last.