Teen Art Gallery: Scenic CD

This month's Teen Art Gallery is going to put your painting skills to the test. Teens are invited to create scenic CD's. Some of our teens have possibly never used a CD before. And, while we aren't asking you to listen to music on them or save files, we are asking you to use a CD as your canvas this month.

It's a double challenge for the teen art gallery. The first part of this challenge will be to choose a scene to paint. Whether it's a scene from nature, a movie, a play, or a room the choice is up to you. The other challenge of this month's art gallery is painting on the CD itself. Because of the smooth surface, it does not react the same as painting on canvas or paper.

From November 1st through the 15th stop by the teen desk and either pick up a CD to take home with you to paint, or paint at the library using materials provided by us. All masterpieces are due by the end of the day on the 15th. Then stop by again between November 16th through December 15th to see your painting on display.

Enjoy art? Don't forget to check what kind of art we are doing each month and to stop by the library and participate.