Teen Art Gallery: Watercolor

Get creative with watercolor. For this month's Teen Art Gallery, we are doing mini watercolor paintings. This art gallery is open to all from the inexperienced to the pros.

Watercolor can be a tricky medium to master. We will have some helpful hints discussing the three main watercolor techniques. That's great, but you may still be wondering, "But why is watercolor so hard?"

Watercolor is unpredictable. The color flows wherever it wants in your puddles of water. Also, when it dries the layer of color is translucent. While that means you can create some really amazing effects with watercolor...that also means it's really hard to cover or hide any mistakes.

So, we welcome you to come and try your hand at watercolor this month. Supplies will be available from December 1st through the 15th. If you'd rather do your painting at home, don't forget to first stop by the youth services desk to pick up your mini watercolor canvas.

Can't wait to see what you create!