What I’m Listening to This Month: Star Wars Edition

I am unabashedly a HUGE Star Wars fan. Ever since I was a young child, Star Wars has been a part of my life. I got the action figures, the video games, the movies, and the Jedi robes to prove it. In celebration of May the 4th (be with you), here is a list of SOME of my top Star Wars songs. Full disclosure, I have many more than five songs I love, so I encourage readers to listen to more than what I write today.

"Main Title" - John Williams (Star Wars: A New Hope)

How can a conversation about my favorite Star Wars music start without acknowledging one of the most recognizable opening musical tracks of all time. You're sitting in the movie theater. The lights go dark, it's quiet, the line "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" comes across the screen then fades, and then BOOM! The main titular song blasts and the opening crawl of a Star Wars movie moves up the screen. There is nothing like it, and I still get goosebumps remembering the times I have been fortunate to experience Star Wars in the movie theater. 

Star Wars

"Imperial March" - John Williams (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

There is something that is just cool about Star Wars villains. In Star Wars, the Galactic Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Their cruelty is unmatched, but dang do their outfits look sick. This anthem of the Empire is one of my absolute favorites. The moment you hear this when watching The Empire Strikes Back, you realize how immensely powerful the Imperial army is. This song makes you want to be one of the "baddies." 

Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back

"Duel of the Fates" - John Williams (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)

I remember when I was in elementary school that they announced a new Star Wars prequel trilogy was going to be coming out. It was my first time seeing a Star Wars movie in the theater, and it was awesome. My favorite scene is the lightsaber duel between the antagonist Darth Maul and the Jedi Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi. This iconic song is far and away one of my all time favorites. The buildup to the intensity that you can actually feel is quite something. I hear this music and my hair stands up straight. This song makes me want to get a lightsaber and duel someone. It's that good! 

Star Wars: the Phantom Menace (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"Battle of the Heroes" - John Williams (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)

This song from the third movie of the Prequel Trilogy is my favorite of the film. The song itself crescendos and decrescendos in intensity, which with a strong brass section and choir only adds to the music. *SPOILERS* The context of this track is Obi-Wan fighting his old apprentice on Mustafar at the end of the film. It is a painful battle between two people who used to count each other as brothers. As George Lucas stated in regards to the soundtrack, "This goes beyond Duel of the Fates, because the people who are fighting are friends." At the same time this music is going on, Yoda is facing off against Darth Sidious, and the buildup of both fights is what makes this song great.

Star Wars, Episode III, Revenge of the Sith

"The Emperor" - John Williams (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Emperor Palpatine is just a great villain. The leader of the Galactic Empire, the Emperor himself showed up to the second Death Star to make sure the construction of it would be completed on time. His theme music is eerie, dark, and menacing to match his aura. He permeates evil as a Sith Lord and Dark Side user of the Force. The Return of the Jedi soundtrack has a number of songs I could have used, but there's just something about this foreboding music that I love.

Star Wars

I hope you enjoyed all of these song titles. I highly encourage you to listen to all the tracks on the albums I provided however, as there are so many good ones, as John Williams is one of the best composers of all time. May the force be with you!