What I’m Listening To This Month: The 33rd of August

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I thought I would switch things up this month with another theme that can go across all genres: Song titles with a person's name!

"Maggie May" - Rod Stewart (The Definitive Rod Stewart)

I think for me Rod Stewart has one of the more recognizable voices of his generation. As soon as I hear that raspy voice on the radio, I know exactly who it is. Rod Stewart has had a long and prosperous career, and "Maggie May" is probably my favorite of his. The beat makes you bounce in your seat, and Rod does such a great job singing.

The Definitive Rod Stewart

"Black Betty" - Ram Jam (Golden Classics)

This one was really easy for me to put on the list. This track is a straight up foot-stomper. The beat, the tempo, the song execution is all first rate. Ram Jam didn't have that many classic hits, but "Black Betty" is a top classic rock song in its own right.

Golden Classics

"Come on Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen/Dubious)

Now onto a band that had only one hit song in the states, Dexy's Midnight Runners. An English band, this song rocketed up the charts in 1982. An iconic 80's song, they were never able to replicate that success again. As soon as the violin starts playing in the beginning, I know what song is on the radio. Great track.

Come on Eileen / Dubious

"Hey Jude" - The Beatles (The Beatles, 1967-1970)

How could I make this list and NOT put my favorite "Name in Title" song. I may be biased as I grew up listening to The Beatles thanks to my parents, but "Hey Jude" is such an endearing song for me. Obviously The Beatles are one of the most famous music groups of all time, so there isn't too much to say, other than sit back and enjoy listening to it when you do. You could also substitute the same titled song from the movie "Across the Universe." 

The Beatles, 1967-1970

"Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (The Live Anthology)

Now we'll bring it home with probably Tom Petty's most known/played song. To me, this is a summer song when the evening is coming, the sun is going down, and maybe you're around a bonfire. I also like to think of this as an end of summer song. This track is a slow head bobber, and just a great easy-going one at that. 

The Live Anthology