World Elephant Day

Elephants are many people's favorite animal. They are the largest existing land animals, their trunks and ears make them unique, they eat constantly, and they are endangered. In order to bring attention to the plight of elephants, August 12th has been recognized as World Elephant Day. It's also the perfect day to learn some fascinating facts about elephants!

  • There are three separate species of elephants--African Savannah Elephants, African Forest Elephants, and Asian Elephants
  • Only male elephants grow tusks
  • Elephants spend 12 to 18 hours a day eating, and they are strict vegetarians
  • One elephant can create up to one ton of poop every week, which is great for the soil!
  • An elephant truck has up to 40,000 muscles
  • Elephants have the longest gestation of any animal--22 months! Imagine being pregnant for almost two years!
  • Elephant tusks are actually teeth that grow past their jaws

While you're spending the day learning about elephants, check out some of these great picture books featuring elephants too! We have lots, so it might take you more than one day.

Picture Books About Elephants

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