Like so many librarians, I was drawn to the profession by a love of reading. As an early literacy specialist and a storytime presenter, I hold a special place in my heart for a great picture book--I'm sure I read hundreds of them every year. I love recommending new books for our littlest patrons because there's so much wonderful stuff out there for them, and so much they haven't read yet. They can also sometimes be tough nuts to crack, which makes the problem-solving part of my brain happy!

I am also, however, an avid reader of long chapter books, too. Most years I read about equal parts children's teen, and adult books, and I read across pretty much all genres, gravitating heavily towards contemporary fiction, romance, memoir, and mystery. The nerd in me loves to keep track of my reading through a long spreadsheet every year! I'm usually willing to try anything once, and I'm a sucker for both comfort reads and more unique pieces. When I'm not reading, you'll usually find me re-watching The Great British Bakeoff, binging a new British crime drama, baking something yummy, or playing with my three-year-old son.

Reading Lists

Aaryn's Reading List

Picture Books for Lunar New Year

This year, Lunar New Year is on February 10, 2024. Check out some of these picture books to learn about the holiday.

Picture Books About Love

Tis the season for hearts and flowers! Check out some of these fun and love-ly books to share with your kids

Picture Books for Black History Month

February is Black History Month! Check out some of these great books featuring black characters and authors!

Picture Books with Pink Covers

February is the month for pink! Check out some of these pretty pink books!

Martin Luther King Jr. Nonfiction for Kids

Monday, January 15th, 2024 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. Check out some of these great nonfiction books for kids.

Best of the Best Children's Nonfiction 2023

Herrick District Library recommends these titles as the very best children's nonfiction books published in 2023

Best of the Best Children's Fiction 2023

Herrick District Library recommends these titles as the very best children's fiction published in 2023

Best of the Best Picture Books and Readers 2023

Herrick District Library recommends these titles as the very best picture books and readers published in 2023

Picture Books Featuring Asian Food

Check out some of these fun picture books featuring Asian food--because there's never a bad time for dumplings!

Best of 2023: Picture Books

When you work in a library, you often read a lot of picture books! Check out the staff favorites that we've read this year

My Favorites of 2023

You might be surprised to know that children's librarians often read adult and teen books in their free time! Here are some of my favorites!

Ms. Aaryn's Favorite Picture Books of 2023

It's been a heck of a year for picture books! There have been a lot of great ones, but these are some of my favorites.

Picture Books About Snow

Winter is coming! Check out these fun books when the snow starts falling.

Picture Books About Hibernation

The weather's getting colder and it's time for our hibernating friends to settle down. Check out these picture books for a fun seasonal read

Picture Books for Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. Check out some of these great picture book to learn more about native people.

Picture Books About Playing Dress-up

Get in the mood for Halloween by checking out these fun picture books about dressing up!

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