Like so many librarians, I was drawn to the profession by a love of reading. As an early literacy specialist and a storytime presenter, I hold a special place in my heart for a great picture book--I'm sure I read hundreds of them every year. I love recommending new books for our littlest patrons because there's so much wonderful stuff out there for them, and so much they haven't read yet. They can also sometimes be tough nuts to crack, which makes the problem-solving part of my brain happy!

I am also, however, an avid reader of long chapter books, too. Most years I read about equal parts children's teen, and adult books, and I read across pretty much all genres, gravitating heavily towards contemporary fiction, romance, memoir, and mystery. The nerd in me loves to keep track of my reading through a long spreadsheet every year! I'm usually willing to try anything once, and I'm a sucker for both comfort reads and more unique pieces. When I'm not reading, you'll usually find me re-watching The Great British Bakeoff, binging a new British crime drama, baking something yummy, or playing with my three-year-old son.

Reading Lists

Aaryn's Reading List

Picture Books About Playing Dress-up

Get in the mood for Halloween by checking out these fun picture books about dressing up!

Picture Books About Candy

It's October--that time of year when we all want CANDY! Check out some of these picture books before you to trick-or-treating.

Picture Books about Pumpkins

Get ready for pumpkin season with these cute picture books!

Commonly Banned Picture Books

Banned Book Week is October 1 - 7. Check out some of these frequently banned picture books and the reasons people have wanted them banned.

Picture Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15. Celebrate by checking out some of these picture books!

Picture Books About Apples

September is the month for apples! Check out some of these apples as you prepare to pick, eat, and cook with them this month.

Picture Books for Fall

Fall is coming! Get ready with these cute picture books!

Picture Books for Taking a Break

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Today, take a break from your hard work and enjoy some of these picture books while you rest!

Picture Books About the Sun

August is a month for sunshine! Check out some of these picture books to learn about and celebrate the sun!

Picture Books for National Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day is August 3rd. Check out some of these cute picture books to get you in the mood.

Picture Books for Starting Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a tough transition! Check out these picture books to start a conversation with your kindergartener about what to expect.

Picture Books About Nature

Get outside this summer! And take one of these fun picture books along to learn more about nature!

Picture Books About Superheroes

My kid is a big superhero fan and he asked me to make this list. 🙂 Check some of these out for your kiddo!

Picture Books Set at the Beach

Ready to go to the beach? Check out some of these great books to get you in the mood!

Get Outside!

Check out these fun picture books about all the cool outdoor stuff you can get up to in the summer time!

Picture Books for Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month! Check out some of these picture books to learn more about people who do things differently than you to.

Abbey's Blog

Miss Aaryn's Favorite Picture Books

If you're always looking for fun, new picture books, check out some of my personal favorites from this year.
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