Adults Watching Kids Shows?

Hey Adults! Miss Chris 100% gives you adults permission to watch kids’ TV shows, whether you have children or not. My personal favorites are Bluey, Paw Patrol, and Super Kitties. On my days off when I need to de-stress or watch something fun, I give myself permission to watch animated kids shows. Most of my faves are on Disney+ or Nickelodeon, but feel free to branch out. Bluey even comes with some downloadable playlists on Spotify, so you can have your own dance party (I actually dance along with the theme song before every episode)! 

And, I challenge you to not sing the Paw Patrol theme song any time you see any of the characters on anything once you have watched enough episodes. Both Bluey and Paw Patrol have books, too! Check out this list of books you can find here at the library!

Bluey and Paw Patrol Books

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