Upping My Game – Learning How To Play The Ukulele

As one of our storytime leaders, I am always looking for ways to up my game and make storytime even better! I have some friends who are real live rock stars who both play guitar (no kidding; they’re famous!). I was chatting with one of them recently, and although I am looking to learn an instrument, the guitar felt too big and too much for me. So, one of my friends suggested the ukulele. It’s small, has only 4 strings, and comes in fun colors! AND, most importantly, we have them for check-out through the Library of Things! I checked one out, my friend gave some quicky fingerings to learn, and I was off and learning! It’s a slow learn for me; I am finding that my fingers need a lot of muscle learning to get things right and it’s slow learning to switch notes quickly, but I really like it! I went out and bought my own. It’s pink! I am hoping to be up to speed by summer reading this year!

Learn About the Ukulele

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Up your game by learning to play this cool stringed instrument! This list contains books to help you learn, music to listen to, and more! 

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