Winter Reading Challenge 2023

2023's winter reading challenge starts December 11! There are two ways to complete the challenge this year:

  • Read 5 books of your choice
  • Complete one row of 5 squares on the bingo challenge sheet (get yours at either Herrick library location! Sheets are available in English and Spanish)

Either of these options will get you a prize; this year, choose between a stuffed moose reading buddy or a HDL-themed winter beanie (while supplies last).

Still want to read more? To enter into our grand prize drawing, either:

  • Read 10 books of your choice
  • Complete two rows of 5 squares on the bingo challenge sheet

We'll be drawing grand prize winners from each age group. Since our theme for winter is "Bundled Up in Books," each winner will receive a bundle of free books selected just for them by our HDL librarians! 

Prize pick-up is February 12 - 25, so don't forget to stop by the library that week to claim yours.

Want to print your own bingo challenge sheet? Go for it!

Bingo sheets in English:

Los hojas en Español:

Need some inspiration for those bingo squares? Ask a librarian for a suggestion or check out one of our staff lists: