Friendship Bracelets and cross-Stitch, Oh My!

Hello! It’s getting toward Spring, which means I probably finished the cross-stitching project I made this winter, and now it’s time to take stock and pick the next one to work on. It’s important to weigh it out; whatever I choose will keep me occupied for the next 6 to 12 months. The cool thing is that I have access to LOTS of pattern books here at the library, both in ebook format and regular books! Thanks to the library, I will always have something cool to cross-stitch!

P.S. When I finish a project, I use the leftover floss to make friendship bracelets. I have a super easy way to do it using a round cardboard disc and 7 colors of my choice. The link shows using yarn, but I substitute cross-stitch floss.

My Favorite Cross-Stitch Pattern Books

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I have been cross-stitching for over 40 years. Here are some of my favorite pattern books available at the library.

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Happy stitching!