Like to Birdwatch? Explore these unconventional resources!

As warm weather gradually becomes more frequent, so do pleasant mornings full of birds chirping. Spring birding is coming soon! We know our books on birds get checked out a lot, but have you heard about these other resources for bird enthusiasts? See if you might be interested in any of the ones below:

Birds of the World

Explore bird species, bird news, and scholarly articles in this engaging and dynamic database on all things avian! See videos of your favorite birds in action, listen to bird calls—this publication fom the Cornell Lab of Orinthology has so much to offer.

Find it in the "Science and Nature" section of our Online Resources. You'll need a Herrick District Library card to access the database outside the library. 

Library of Things: Wildlife Viewing Kit

This wildlife observation kit contains a pair of binoculars, Birds of Michigan: Field Guide (book), and three laminated wildlife identification guides. The binoculars are water and fog-proof, eyeglass friendly, and perfect for beginner and intermediate wildlife enthusiasts. The accompanying guides provide the means for ready identification of Michigan wildlife.

This kit can be great to check out for your first foray into some serious birdwatching—or even just to take a closer look at your own backyard! Items from the Library of Things can only be checked out by patrons at least 18 years old with a valid Herrick District Library card. They can be loaned for three weeks. 

The National Geographic Guide to Birding in North America

This series from The Great Courses is available through Kanopy, an online streaming service you can use for free with your Herrick District Library card. The course is twenty-four half-hour episodes long and covers a great range of birding topics, such as basic bird anatomy, different bird species, and conservation efforts.

If it's your first time using Kanopy, you'll need to create a username and password before entering your library card number. Then you'll get to watch up to eight movies per month. 

Photographing Birds in the Wild

Do you want to take your wildlife photography up a notch? Try this six-minute class from LinkedIn Learning. Part of a larger photography course (if you enjoy photography), it'll go over the basics of capturing birds in action so you can snap the perfect moment. 

When asked if you'd like to sign in with your library card, your library ID is: herrickdl

Library of Things: IdentiFlyer Lyric Bird Song ID

Another entry in the Library of Things, the IdentiFlyer provides a fast and simple approach to identifying bird calls. It lets you hear the bird’s name, a verbal description of the song (lyrics), and the song itself. Simply insert the card of your choosing and press the corresponding buttons to hear each bird's call.

The “Learning Lyrics” feature utilizes memorable words and phrases that help you connect a particular tune to the corresponding bird. Pictures on the cards also help in identification. The speaker provides rich, crystal-clear sound, and a kick stand allows for easy setup. Includes two double-sided Super SongCards for the 40 most common yard birds.

Items from the Library of Things can only be checked out by patrons at least 18 years old with a valid Herrick District Library card. They can be loaned for three weeks.