Celebrate May the 4th

My favorite time of year is coming again. For some people, it’s Christmas; others, Halloween; but for me, the best day of the year is May the Fourth. For the lay person, it’s a day to celebrate Star Wars in all of its various mediums. Some people like to re-watch the movies and TV shows, read the books or comics, and even dress up in their favorite Star Wars gear. People have really turned it into an annual event that they get to celebrate what Star Wars is or even how it has impacted people’s lives.

Star Wars was something my parents were really into when I was growing up and I have strong memories of cheering when the death star blew up (both times), reading all types of books, scouring the internet for all the details on my favorite characters, and even being a Jedi one year for Halloween. I would make a calculated guess that my parents had expected me to grow out of my Star Wars obsession, at least in part, but I enjoy Star Wars just as much as I did growing up, if not more so.

This year, to celebrate Star Wars on May the Fourth, we are going to be showing various Star Wars films throughout the day at both the Main Library and at the North Branch. We will also cap of the evening with Star Wars Trivia at the North Branch (Registration is required) starting at 6 pm where you can compete against fellow fans for prizes and to show off your Star Wars knowledge.