Women in Science

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, I typically find that while we celebrate authors, artists, and entertainers during this time, there are achievements by female scientists that have dramatically impacted the way we see and interact with the world. Now I am sure that at one point many of us have hear of one or more of these women who have made significant impacts on the world, but I strongly encourage you to pick one of them you don’t know as much about and try to learn a little more about them. I have a list of some suggested readings but I definitely recommend learning more about some of these amazing women.

Jane Goodall- Primateologist and anthropologist  

Ruth Rogan Benerito- Chemist and dozens of textile industry patents

Edith Clarke- First female electrical engineer in the United States

Mary Engle Pennington- bacteriological chemist and refrigeration engineer

Ellen Ochoa- engineer, astronaut, and firmer director of the Johnson Space Center

Grace Hopper- computer scientist, mathematician, and former US Navy rear admiral

Katherine Johnson- mathematician at NASA

Rachel Carson- marine biologist and conservationist that inspired the environmental movement

Sally Ride- astronaut and physicist

Barbara McClintock- cytogeneticist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Rosalind Franklin- chemist and x-ray crystallographer

Alice Ball- chemist who helped develop the cure for leprosy

Chien-Shiung Wu- particle and experimental physicist, worked on the Manhattan Project

Mary Anning- paleontologist, fossil collector

Sylvia Earle- marine biologist, oceanographer, and explorer

Amelia Earhart- aviation pioneer

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