Craig’s Top 10 Library Things to Try in 2022

You probably already know Herrick District Library has many books—books for days, books for years, books for a lifetime. We also have DVDs for the family, in foreign languages, that teach you how to golf (I am still pulling my five iron). Now for a list of things you might not have been aware of at the library.

Craig’s Top 10 Library Things to Try in 2022
(Not to be confused with HDL's Library of Things)

1. Staff recommendations
Do you want to know what staff likes to read? Come and talk to us at the Information Desk. We will be happy to share our much-loved reads. Are you not looking to chat? You can see our favorites on the ends of each bookshelf, stretched across the library from non-fiction to sci-fi and fantasy, or check out online recommendations from your librarians.

2. Scanning and sending email attachments
Insurance claims, rental applications, résumés, and even that handmade drawing from your nephew. Even in this digital world, there are many situations where we need to work with and send physical items via email. Herrick has a professional and FREE solution. Ask at the Information Desk, and we can assist you in creating a digital copy of just about any paper item and sending it to your email or USB drive using our scanners.

3. Coloring pages
Coloring pages are great for kids and adults, and you can find them at the Information Desk. We even supply colored pencils!

4. Swimmy
No explanation is needed. Swimmy is only the most majestic library turtle you’ve ever met. Wait! You don’t know Swimmy? Visit her at the top of the stairs in the children’s department at the main library.

5. Book series lists
Do you love an author and want to read absolutely everything they have written? Go to the Information Desk and tell us your favorite author. We can help you find the next in a series or print off their entire bibliography so you can track and cross off what you have read.

6. Herrick North fireplace
When I close my eyes and think of my favorite place to read, I open them and find myself at Herrick North Branch, basking in the glow of the fireplace. Bring your books or browse the nearby biographies or magazines. Maximum hygge!

7. Microsoft Publisher
Of course, we have computers, but did you know we have Microsoft Publisher on each one? I use this tool all the time to help people change or resize images and screenshots, create posters, and make cards. It’s a program that has been around a while but can accomplish many tasks.

8. Legos
Sadly, our Lego Lab is not yet open. However, if you ask at the Information Desk, you can get a small box of Legos. Create something great! All we ask is that you please clean up and return Legos to the Information Desk when done.
9. Digital Library Cards
Digital Library cards are great for those unable to come to the library for a full-service card. Digital Library cards grant access to all our fantastic eLibrary resources like Libby, Hoopla, and Kanopy. Apply here for a Digital Library Card.

10. Curbside
Yes, we still offer curbside service. An innovation that swept retail businesses during the height of the pandemic has proven to be very handy. If you want to keep those three kids securely fastened in their car seats instead of trying to herd them around the library, go to our curbside spots at the south end of the parking lot and call the number on the sign. We can bring your holds or even grab up to five items off the shelf for you, including Express books and DVDs. We will see you soon!