Dads as Everyday Heroes

There's no two ways about it--dads are just the best. The every day stuff they do for us--chasing monsters out from under the bed, teaching us how to play video games, going on adventures, and so much more--is part of what makes us who we are. Sadly, we don't always take the time to thank our dads (or our husbands who are dads) for all the great work they do.

This year for father's day, make sure to tell the dads in your life thank you for all the little every day stuff they've done for you. And maybe challenge them to a round of Mario Kart. But most of all, read some of these picture books to any of the little ones in your life. Let's normalize recognizing dads for all of the little every day stuff.

Picture Books with Superhero Dads

Dads are our superheroes! Check out these picture books about dads being every day heroes. HerrickDL KidPicks

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