My First Adventure Saving Seeds

This year, I was determined to save some seeds! I work with the Seed Library, after all. It only seems proper. 

However, as someone who doesn't have a yard, I've always had a difficult time growing things. Saving seeds always seemed like one step too many. So I picked the easiest one I could think of—a flower: this year's featured Kaleidoscope Mix Nasturtium.

I planted 4 nasturtium seeds in a box planter in April and waited to see what would happen. As the tiny plants grew (and grew AND GREW), I started to see what looked suspiciously like the seeds I had planted pop up all over the vines, sometimes in groups of two or three, and fall off onto the dirt and deck as they dried out. 

Eventually I had a large handful all drying out on a paper towel! I tried to keep them in a dark-ish, well-ventilated spot in my apartment:

Once they're all completely dry, I'll pop them in the donation envelope for someone else to enjoy (although I'll probably keep another 4 for myself)! 

All in all, I found the process of saving nasturtium seeds extremely easy and would highly recommend them to another newbie like me!