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As I have stated before, I like to read historical fiction novels. The main reasons I like to read them is not only do I usually get to read a good story, but I often learn something new with many of the historical fiction novels I read. I have read books about many different countries and many different time frames, ranging from prehistoric (such as Jean Auel's Earth's Children Series) to the 1960s, where many of these novels I read covered the Civil Rights Movement.  Predictably, some times have more subject matter for historical fiction than others. There are literally hundreds of books covering World War II, but some other time frames are the Middle Ages, the Puritan Era, the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War I, and as I mentioned before, the Civil Rights Movement. Also, some countries are more represented than others. For example, there are many books set in Europe and the United States. Recently I have read more historical fiction books about the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. As I have gone through books I read, I found that I have not read many covering South America, so I might try finding some more in that area in the future. Following is a list of many historical fiction books in the different continents. Most of them are for adults, but I also like reading historical fiction for teens and children, so some of those are included also.

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Novels Set Around the World - Mostly Historical Fiction

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